Every group has stories. 

We invented GroupStory™ to make sure the best stories, and the times, emotions and relationships they represent, get shared and saved easily and affordably, and in a way that helps people feel better about themselves and their group.


What’s Your GroupStory?

The Story Behind GroupStory

A Little Magic, A Lotta Science

Today’s families and communities are experiencing alarming levels of loneliness, anxiety, and disengagement.  The problem is so prevalent, it impacts people from all races, geographies and cultures. 


At Applaud, we’re tackling this challenge with innovation and technology using a patented process called Digital Collaborative Reminiscence that stimulates cognition, emotions and memory reconsolidation based on fundamental principles of neurobiology, social cognition and emotional behavior.  


It works because we share a common humanity, which means that as we struggle to live our best lives, we all want to feel safe, understood and valued.  Our human brains interpret our senses and experiences to help us make choices.  But how we think and feel is also dramatically impacted by the people we know, the goals we chase, the memories we make, and the stories we share.  

Our lives are filled with amazing moments that touch our hearts and make us who we are.  Many involve the people we love in groups like families, companies, teams and clubs. Groups lie at the very core of human experience.  They provide relevance and feedback; they tell us who we are, how to act and what to feel.


The stories we tell about those times are rich with detail and emotion, and the best ones are almost magical. That’s because our memories are influenced dramatically by language and images and are closely tied to our emotions and mental health.


Sharing group stories is a ritual as old as time because they have the capacity to teach, strengthen and connect us to the people we love.  Knowing that we belong and matter--hearing it from the others in our group, especially those we value most--can enhance self-esteem, strengthen relationships, and improve group cohesion.  

Recent advances in the fields of affective neuroscience and social cognitive neuroscience are helping us understand and harness universal, cerebral mechanisms to better the lives of people who are struggling with illness or injury, as well as those who simply desire to connect with others on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Advances in science are shedding light on how our hearts and minds work together: how what we think and believe can affect our physical health, including how we feel.  There is strong evidence to suggest that promoting positive social interactions and enhancing the perception of positive social support induces physical, emotional and cognitive benefits.  In the field of preventive health, a number of evidence-based protective factors have been identified including optimism, problem solving, self-efficacy, impulse control, spirituality, resilience, and close relationships.  In other words, when people feel more loved, they feel better and may actually be better.


When we think, feel and act, our bodies respond, physically and emotionally.  Research tells us sharing experiences and later recalling them via a carefully curated process can enhance self-esteem and reinforce feelings of belonging.  These are important outcomes for groups like families, teams and companies because positive relationships increase a sense of personal worth, decrease the effects of stress and disease, and enhance resilience and coping.


To share these benefits with the widest audience possible, we developed a digital collaboration platform called GroupStory™ to preserve and share the best stories, and the times, emotions and relationships they represent easily and affordably, and in a way that helps people feel better about themselves and their group.  

GroupStory software curates emotive content such as memories, images and stories from groups of people with a shared experience, like belonging to a family, team or company.

Using software dramatically lowers the cost of access, reproduction and distribution and creates a GroupStory™ Personalized Memory Collection for each group member.  Participants relive the best parts of their group experience in a truly personalized fashion with people they really care about and wind up remembering, feeling and loving better. 


Every group has stories but sharing the most meaningful stories requires a way to capture details and imagery from all the people in a group, regardless of how many or where they are--and that's just hard.  Even with technology, it’s difficult to capture the details of each team member’s memories—no matter how big the group is or where they are—gather the right images, and combine them in a way that truly represents each person's experience.  


That's because groups are complicated and gathering the most important parts of a story the right way takes skill.  Groups experience, remember and share things differently from individuals. A group experience is the combination of all the participants’ experiences, each of which is a little different: what they saw and felt, who's important to them, what they said and did; it all changes how it's remembered and later retold. 


But a group’s story is more than just the sum of its parts. When a group tells a story it has more than one perspective; each person's contribution adds something, fills in gaps, adds details.  Blending stories with different people’s perspectives makes the group story better.​  However, there's a downside.  Social objectives, like fitting in and not being embarrassed can influence which stories get shared and repeated. Those parts of the story then become dominant and can actually change what people remember and how they remember it.  We see this every day on social media where the loudest voices hijack storylines, and people whose stories don't fit "the narrative" don't share.  For better or for worse, how a group's story is told can change how people perceive and remember--how they feel about themselves and their group--forever. 

At Applaud, we choose to use our knowledge,

method and tools for good because we believe 

as a people, we’re better together

and technology should unite, not divide us. 

Our approach is founded in science, implemented by software, enhanced by artificial intelligence and supported by two U.S. patents.  It not only preserves the best stories, but produces beautiful, personalized keepsakes for each group member and makes groups and their memories better.  With versions for families, companies, teams and wellness, we can help millions of people remember, feel and love better, making our world a better place.

We want to serve every group in America

because every group has stories and

GroupStory has the power to make life better.

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