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physical, emotional and cognitive benefits

Families and communities are experiencing alarming levels of loneliness, anxiety, and disengagement. The problem is so prevalent, it impacts people from all races, geographies and cultures.

At Applaud, we’re tackling this challenge with innovation and technology. We invented a technique to stimulate cognition, emotions and memory re-consolidation called Therapeutic Collaborative Reminiscence. It s founded in science, implemented by software, enhanced by AI, and supported by two US patents.

Our approach is based on fundamental principles of neurobiology, social cognition and emotional behavior. Promoting positive social interactions and enhancing the perception of social attachment induces physical, emotional and cognitive benefits. In other words, when people feel more loved, they feel better and may actually be better.

It works because we share a common humanity, meaning that as we struggle to live our best lives, we all want to feel safe, understood and valued. Our human brains interpret our senses and experiences to help us form choices. But how we think and feel is also dramatically impacted by the people we know, the goals we chase and the memories we make.

When we think, feel and act, our bodies respond, physically and emotionally. Research tells us sharing experiences and later recalling them via a carefully curated process can increase empathy, respect, trust, and love; improve connectedness and reduce loneliness; reaffirm identity and self-esteem; and strengthen a sense of belonging. These are all important outcomes because positive relationships increase a sense of personal worth, decrease the effects of stress and disease, and enhance resilience and coping.

To share these benefits with the widest audience possible, we developed GroupStory™ a digital crowdsourcing platform that’s engaging, easy to use, and affordable. Our software curates emotive content such as memories, images and stories from groups of people with a shared experience, like belonging to a family, team or company. Participants relive the best parts of their group experience in a truly personalized fashion with people they really care about and wind up remembering, feeling and loving better.

Using software dramatically lowers the cost of access, reproduction and distribution and creates a GroupStory® digital or printed Personalized Memory Collection. With versions for families, companies, teams and wellness, we can help millions of people remember, feel and love better, making our world a better place.


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