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We Live in Groups

At home, at school, at work and play, we live socially. The activities of our lives are centered around groups like families, companies, teams and clubs. Groups provide us relevance and feedback; they tell us who we are, how to act and what to feel.

Groups lie at the very core of human experience, and as a concept, pre-dates civilization when belonging was a matter of survival. Although the situation today is much less dire, group prevalence remains high. The Pew Research Center tells us the average American adult is active in 3 groups and spends 6 hours a week in group activities.

They’re called baseball teams, scouts, marching bands, graduation, sororities, family reunions, marathon training teams, corporate brand launches, and so on. They lie at the heart of our communal existence and span virtually our entire lives.

And, it is in these perpetual groups, that we generate tens of millions of the richest, most valuable memories that deserve to be kept and shared through carefully crafted stories, rich with detail and reinforced by the best images.


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