The best stories teach

Every team has stories: highlights of a long season,

personal growth, the game you you had no chance to win ... but did.

The most meaningful stories have the capacity to teach, connect and sustain the team. Because what team members think affects how they feel and perform.


But teams miss out because capturing the most meaningful stories, with all their detail and imagery, is hard.  ​Even with technology, it can be tough to promote good interactions and limit bad ones. Team dynamics are complicated and sharing the most meaningful stories with all their detail and imagery, from all the people on and around the team is really hard; even with technology...until now. 

We invented GroupStory to make sure the best stories and the times, emotions and relationships they represent get shared and saved easily and affordably, and in a way that helps people feel better about themselves and their group. 


Awards banquets and photos don’t tell

the whole story!

  • Awards night typically highlights only the top plays and players, and leaves too much of the season out.

  • Photos are only part of the story.  There are rich details and a depth that can only come from including a variety of points of view.​​​

  • Most social sharing environments favor stories designed for impact and laughs. There isn’t room for authenticity and personal stories about what mattered most.

  • Finding, and highlighting, the valuable lessons for the players that really need them takes a ton of work.


A better solution than social media.

Social media isn’t a good choice for sharing your team’s positive stories. Instead of being a fun way to share images, experiences, stories, and ideas, social media can be a hostile place that favors the loudest voices and lets people hide behind hurtful comments.


GroupStory™ provides a better solution so everyone involved can:

• share their images;

• tell their favorite group and individual stories;

• talk about their group and individual experiences

• share emotional content or the things they learned

Unlike the open forums of social media, with GroupStory, individuals only share with the people they care about most.


The patented GroupStory method limits harmful comments and eliminates the chance for bullying and embarrassment.  GroupStory also uses A.I. filtering tools to help groups ensure content meets their standards.


A key difference is

our 1-2-1 interview.

When you're trying to uncover the most meaningful stories, not every detail matters.  But sorting it out takes skill and experience.  That’s why we developed an interview-based process.

Using technology and a deep understanding of group dynamics and storytelling, we created a technique that crowdsources content, but finds the best parts from the stories of the people who matter.

Each player has their friends and family who played an important role in their season; so did the coach.  We get rich, emotion-laden input about what people remember and how they feel about the team and its season.


Blended carefully, it makes each  GroupStory™ as unique as the people and events involved.


How GroupStory Works

Five Easy Steps to the Perfect GroupStory

  1. Group leader enrolls team, uploads member list and other valuable content, and follows dashboard of group.

  2. Platform engages group members and their friends and family, and curates rich, emotional stories, photos, and sentiments using a 1-2-1 interview experience.

  3. The SelectiveInclusion™ feature allows team members to choose who else's stories will be included in their unique GroupStory

  4. Team members choose the output style they want (printed book and/or digital) and the system composes and delivers a highly customized GroupStory for each of them with treasured content from only those who matter..

  5. Printed versions for each group member are delivered to the group leader for handing out to the team (typically at a group function like a banquet or launch party). Group members, family and friends can't help but tell others about their experience and refer other groups to GroupStory.

Lacrosse Huddle

“We had tried a variety of methods of collecting photos and stories from our girls but this seemed to really break through. The girls were excited to read what others had written and see the photos. I think they also spent more time thinking about the season themselves and capturing those thoughts. That's something they can take with them forever.”

Female Soccer Coach
Confident Soccer Coach

“I wasn’t sure how this would go over with my guys. Their parents loved the idea, but the team was a less excited. They all committed to working through the process. It didn’t take long, really. But I think they were all surprised by the results. They loved the books, the photos, the stories people shared. We would absolutely do it again!”

“You never know what people are thinking, and how much they have to say. I think that was the pleasant surprise in collecting our GroupStory. People shared stories I didn’t know even happened and talked about what meant the most to them. Some things were obvious, but it’s the little things that came that made the biggest impact.”

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman

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