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Team members learn from one another

Great leaders know their team can benefit from the collective wisdom contained in team stories--the epic highs and lows; the insights of skilled members; the wonder and excitement of new hires; and the memories of bringing a new product or brand to life.

The the most meaningful stories have the capacity to teach, connect and sustain the team. Because what team members think affects how they feel and perform.

But businesses are missing out because capturing the most meaningful stories, with all their detail and imagery, is hard.  ​Even with technology, it can be tough to share the stories that promote your company's interests and limit the ones that don't...until now.

We invented GroupStory™ to make sure the best stories--and the times, emotions and relationships they represent--get shared and saved easily and safely, and in a way that helps employees feel better about their team and the work they do.

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Why Work Stories Matter

  • 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving.

  • Of the people who report the highest morale at work, 94.4% agree their managers are effective at recognizing them—telling a story about the great work they’ve done.

  • Millennials and Gen Zs value experiences at work and home more than just getting the job done.

  • Engaged employees are more productive employees; they are more profitable and more customer-focused.

  • Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workforce. Only 29 percent are engaged while 55 percent are not engaged, and 16 percent are actively disengaged.

  • World-class organizations have 9 employees actively engaged for every 1 actively disengaged. Average companies are 2:1.







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How GroupStory Works

Five Easy Steps to the Perfect GroupStory

  1. Group leader enrolls, uploads member list and team information, then follows group dashboard.

  2. Platform engages group members and their friends and family to curate rich, emotional stories, images, and sentiments.

  3. Selective Inclusion™ feature allows each team member to choose who else's stories are included in their unique GroupStory

  4. Team members choose the output style they want (printed book and/or digital) and the system composes and delivers a GroupStory for each member customized with treasured content from only those who matter.

  5. Printed versions are delivered to the group leader to be handed out (typically at a group function like a banquet). The whole experience is so positive, participants can't help but refer other groups they know.

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“We do big things every year but we also found out almost no one remembers those things from one year to the next. Seriously! People forget what we did, who was involved, why it mattered. And handing out a trophy at the end of the year hasn't done much to help people hang on to the memories. We need better tools for that.”

“I had been with one company for nearly 25 years and had done some really interesting things over that time, but I didn’t have anything to remember them by. Companies don’t do that.


I like that GroupStory™ lets each team collect their photos and stories, so at the end of a big project you have something to help you remember how crazy it was.”

“In HR we always ask employees what events had the most impact over the course of the year. The stories are about the people they worked with, not about the money the company made. Those are priceless. We need better ways to capture those special moments.”

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