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What’s Your GroupStory?

Our lives are filled with amazing moments that touch our hearts and make us who we are. Many involve the people we love in groups like families, companies, teams and clubs.  The stories we tell of those memories are rich with detail and emotion, and the best ones are almost magical. Sharing group stories is a ritual as old as time because memories have the capacity to teach, strengthen and connect us to the people we love.


Human connection is vitally important.  Knowing we belong and matter--hearing it from the others in our group, especially those we value most--can enhance self esteem, strengthen relationships, and improve group cohesion.  These are important outcomes for groups like families, teams and companies because positive relationships increase a sense of personal worth, decrease the effects of stress and disease, and enhance resilience and coping.


It works because what we think and believe affects how we feel. But sharing the most meaningful stories requires a way to capture story details and imagery from all the people in a group, regardless of how many or where they are--and that's not easy, even with technology. Groups are complicated and uncovering the most important parts of a story requires skill and experience most people don't have.   

That’s why we invented GroupStory™, a collaborative software platform designed specifically for groups.  We use innovation and technology to influence how stories are told and saved so people remember better, feel better and relate better.  Our approach is grounded in the hard and social sciences, implemented by software, enhanced by A.I., and supported by two U.S. patents.  


GroupStory easily and affordably gathers and saves the group's best stories, and the times, emotions and relationships they represent, then produces a series of beautiful, personalized, share-able keepsakes in a way that makes people feel better about themselves and their group.


At Applaud, we believe as a people, we’re better together and technology should unite, not divide us.  With versions for families, companies, teams and wellness, GroupStory will help millions of people remember, feel and love better, making our world a better place. 

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